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Debt Recovery

Commins Hendriks Solicitors understands the importance of having an efficient and effective approach to debt collection.

Outstanding debts can have a significant impact on the cash flow of your business or personal obligations. It is essential to maintain enough funds to ensure that you have the ability to meet your ongoing obligations.

Debts may be recovered through letters of demand, bankruptcy notices, creditor’s petitions or the commencement of Court proceedings. It is important to engage professionals who understand the best method to recover the amounts owing to you or your business.

The Commins Hendriks Debt Recovery team provides comprehensive debt recovery services which are cost effective and can be a reliable solution to your needs.

We handle all aspects of debt recovery and credit management, including:

  • Debt collection services including letters of demand, commencement of legal proceedings and enforcement of Judgments
  • Advice with regard to credit policies and procedures
  • Credit documentation review
  • Preparation of Statutory Demands
  • Advice regarding litigation
  • Representation in Court
  • Bankruptcy and Insolvency

The dedicated team at Commins Hendriks has the legal expertise to resolve matters and recover money efficiently.

Our aim is to maximise your recovery and minimise your stress.

For more details and assistance, please contact 1800 643 779 or a member of our specialised team.

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