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Tammy Holzheimer

Solicitor Director

Growing up in the country has held Tammy Holzheimer in good stead – she leads a commercial property team that advises on such property-related matters as business structures, commercial contracts, success and estate planning and Water Law.

“In my practice area, you never do the same thing twice,” says Tammy, who hails from the small farming community of Henty, 60km south of Wagga Wagga. “You need to be flexible and work with every client’s needs and circumstances, and I get to work closely with very genuine country people.”

“I am proud to have become a partner in a regional-based firm which has the staff and resources to provide top quality legal services for rural and regional people and businesses.”

She works with small and medium-sized businesses, many of which are family owned, providing advice on such issues as succession planning for family-owned farms. She also advises larger businesses in the agriculture industry on large-scale sales and purchases of properties and businesses.

“I like working with business owners and watching them make a real success of their business,” she says.

“Being a lawyer puts you in a strange position. It’s privileged in that people might trust you with their most personal details and experiences, creating a depth of connection that you wouldn’t have otherwise.”

Growing up in the rural community, she observes how everyone – from friends to family and connections – are involved directly in the agricultural industry and its support businesses.
“A good year affects everyone, a bad year affects everyone, regardless of whether you’re farmers or not,” says the property specialist.

Bringing her expertise to rural NSW, Tammy conducts seminars and workshops on business structures for farming families and business owners.

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