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The breakdown of a relationship, whether that be a marriage, or de facto relationship, can be one of the most emotional, stressful and difficult times of your life. There are numerous considerations to be had and the questions may seem endless:

  • Will the kids live with us 50/50?
  • Do I need to keep paying the mortgage?
  • Can we keep this out of Court?
  • Do I have to pay child support?
  • Who will get the house?
  • Who will pay the school fees?
  • Can my ex move with the children?
  • Should we close our joint bank accounts?
  • Will I need to pay my ex some superannuation?
  • What about the inheritance I received a few years ago – will that effect my entitlement?
  • How can I reduce my legal fees?
  • But I owned a house at the start of the relationship – do I get to keep the house?
  • My ex earns a lot more than me – is that taken into account in the settlement?
  • When can I get divorced?
  • Should I do a new Will?

At Commins Hendriks Solicitors, our experienced Family Law team, led by Tara Freeburn, have answered these queries on countless occasions. We understand during this difficult period of your life, the situation can appear overwhelming. That is why we take the time to guide you through the Family Law process, step by step, breaking down the issues – to ensure you are aware of the options available, to assist you in making the right decisions for your situation.

If you have recently separated, and you would like an overview of the Family Law system, and how it applies to your situation, please call Commins Hendriks Solicitors on 02 6933 6900 and arrange an appointment with Tara Freeburn .