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Victims of Child Abuse

Have you or a loved one been a victim of abuse in churches or schools?  You are not alone – and you have rights to justice and compensation.

Commins Hendriks Lawyer Heather Ross has a depth of experience in the area of historic institutional child sexual abuse.  This experience ensures that proper compensation is achieved in all claims and that it is important to us that clients receive the best outcome possible.

The National Redress Scheme only covers so much.  Although all States and Territories have signed up to the Scheme, not all institutions have.  It is a limited scheme with caps on the redress payments and therefore the redress payment is not proper compensation, in legal terms, for the damage done.  If a victim has been paid redress under the Scheme they are then effectively prevented from pursuing common law compensation.

We encourage you to consider all options and get the compensation you deserve.

Heather has the knowledge, experience, empathy and resources to fully investigate your claim and help you make the past just that “the past”.

Call Heather on 02 6933 6933 for a confidential free consultation.  She will assess your situation and advise you on the avenue for maximising your compensation entitlements, and will do so on a “NO WIN, NO FEE” basis