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Pell Not Found Guilty NOR Innocent


A number of persons affected by historical child sexual abuse within institutions may be feeling somewhat despondent following the High Court’s recent decision in the Pell matter.

What needs to be kept in mind is that the High Court’s decision was based on the evidence in that particular case only.  The High Court found that  on the whole of the evidence a jury, acting rationally, ought to have entertained a reasonable doubt as to Pell’s guilt.  That is, the evidence did not meet the high bar of “beyond reasonable doubt” required to convict in criminal matters.

Despite the commentary, Pell was NOT found innocent.

Bringing a civil claim for compensation (with a lower evidentiary bar of “on the balance of probabilities”) is an important path to healing and making the past just that “the past”.  We encourage persons affected by historical institutional child sexual abuse to contact us about making a claim.

ABC News_George Pell Wins High Court Appeal Against Child Sexual Assault Convictions