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Child Support

If you and your former partner have children, either of you may be entitled to receive a payment of child support from the other party.

The payment of child support is administered by the Department of Human Services. Your first contact regarding child support should be directed to the Department, contact telephone number 131 272 or online:www.humanservices.gov.au

Should you have any problems in dealing the Department, or should you wish to appeal a decision made by the Department, please contact our office.

There are certain circumstances, often involving a property settlement, when you and your partner may wish to agree to a payment of child support, which is different from what the Department of Human Services has assessed.

For that agreement to be binding you are both required to obtain independent legal advice - we can assist you in that regard.

For further assistance, please refer to our Plain English Guides, or contact the Family Law Department on 6933 6950.

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