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Pension Planning

At Commins Hendriks we have the specialised knowledge to assist you with all your questions regarding pension planning.

  • Are you entitled to a pension?
  • Would you be entitled to a pension if your personal assets were re-organised?
  • Are you having a dispute about your pension entitlements?
  • Did you know that some assets are excluded from the 'assets test'?
  • What are the deeming rules?
  • What are the gifting rules?

A couple may be entitled to a part age pension if their assets (excluding their home) are less than $1,151,500. This is decreasing to $823,000 as at 1 January 2017; however, if you qualify for a pension before that date, you will be issued with a Commonwealth Seniors Card if your entitlements are affected by the decrease.

Once you are entitled to $1 of pension, you receive all the attached benefits, from reduced pharmaceutical costs to free vehicle registrations.

For more details and assistance, please contact 1800 643 779 or a member of our specialised team.

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