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Easements & Restrictions

Commins Hendriks can assist you with regard to any easements or restrictions placed on a parcel of land.

An easement is a section of land registered on your property title, which gives someone the right to use the land for a specific purpose even though they are not the land owner, e.g. a shared driveway.

There are also certain statutory easements which are not registered on your title, such as power or telephone lines, or drainage easements.

When selling a property, it is important that you disclose any easements on the contract documents. If in the process of buying a property, we will make sure a title search is conducted before the exchange of contracts so you can be sure of the impact of any easements that may be on the title.

It is very important to be well informed regarding easements and restrictions prior to embarking on any purchase, sale or lease of land.  It may adversely affect what you can do with the land and also the value of the land. 

We will check, and if necessary liaise with a surveyor, to advise you of any easements, covenants or restrictions that are on the title.

For more details and assistance, please contact 1800 643 779 or a member of our specialised team.

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